Month: August 2017

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Best Arizer Vaporizer

The Best Arizer Vaporizer   Arizer is one of the most well recognized brand names in the herb vaporizer industry. Based out of Ontario, Arizer has been developing low cost, high quality products for many years. Their herbal vaporizers are easily recognizable for their sleek, minimalist design. You can tell that lots of research went […]

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Blue Dream

6 Most Popular Strains On Leafly

What Are The 6 Most Popular Strains on Leafly? When I first started smoking weed 20 years ago, I thought all the names of the different strains were just pure marketing and BS. Today, with all of the information so readily available online and at dispensaries, I know how wrong I was. Still, lots of […]

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