Best Weed Movies Of All Time

Best Weed Movies Of All Time


Stoner flicks are great. What better way is there to express comedy, art, and activism, than through an awesome Hollywood movie. There are so many great pot movies out there it is hard to stick to a top 5 list. But here you go, my personal favourite top 5 MMs (marijuana movies). By the way here is your spoiler alert warning.


  1. Reefer Madness


Yes, this is really a movie. It was put out in 1936 by a religious organization against pot (many are now accepting of it and not all religions are intolerant so nothing against religions). This propaganda piece shows nice erudite individuals ruining their lives and the lives of those around them because the tried smoke the reefer. People who believe everything they see on TV came away from this film thinking you would rape and murder people you loved after smoking a joint.  This film was actually readapted for the stage, and ran for year in Chicago in 1992. The sheer lunacy of the message being pushed in this movie is funny, but a reminder that there is so much false information out there it is important to be open minded about every single subject.


  1. Half Baked


Ok this should probably be number 1. This was Dave Chappelle’s breakthrough performance! One of the greatest comedians of all time. This movie from 1998 is all about how Dave and his stoner friends navigate their adult life as cannabis lovers in a world not so friendly and open to the idea. Flamboyant drug lords and medical marijuana heists make this comedy a fantastic story with good writing. Dave gets his friends out of jail and he gets the girl. Also, part of the movie was filmed at my neighbourhood ice cream shop!



  1. Pineapple Express


In my opinion this is the best Seth Rogan movie. Bold statement, given the options, but Pineapple Express brought the stoner movie to really a whole new level. After witnessing the murder of one drug boss by another, Seth’s character freaks out and is seen fleeing the scene. The drug dealer, played by that boss everyone lovehates from Office Space (Gary Cole), finds the roach Seth had been smoking and recognizes it as his strain of Pineapple Express who he only sold to one person…James Franco! The rest of the movie is a hilarious manhunt that ends with everybody laughing a lot and getting really high.

  1. Up In Smoke

No stoner movie list would be complete without this Cheech & Chong classic. One of the first stoner comedies (1978), this film may have set legalization back a few decades! I’m pretty sure my Mom saw the commercials for this movie when she was a teen, and has completely based her “knowledge” on marijuana around this informative content. That aside, there are no hard feelings towards this hilarious duo because this film shows that even the goofiest pot heads are kind decent people at their core who just want to live a normal happy life.

best weed movies of all time

  1. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


The basic gist of this movie is that the title characters find out that there is a movie being produced called Bluntman and Chronic, which are superheroes that look and act like Jay and Silent Bob. They decide they should get paid or shut it down. And a lot of cannabis ensues. They have crazy weed fueled adventures and meet so many strange people. This comedy is loved and adored by stoners worldwide, even if it only got 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. There are a ton of great cameos and really just insane interactions nonstop.

best weed movies


What are your favourite stoner movies? Special shoutout goes to How High, Friday, and Grandma’s Boy.

best weed movies

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