Top 10 Portable Vaporizers 2017

Top 10 Portable Vaporizers 2017

You’ve decided you finally want to invest in a vaporizer. Great idea! It’s healthier and more efficient than smoking. But there are so many products available, its hard to know which one to buy. As with most things in life, you pay for what you get, but you never want to overpay. The following list will breakdown and help you decide what the best portable vaporizer is for you according to the quality of their vapor and overall experience. Price is an important factor of course, though I recommend if you are going to invest in one to pony up and spend a little bit more to get a lot more because you will not regret it. Don’t worry deal seekers, I have some excellent recommendations for you too.


1. PAX 3

PAX Labs is one of the most respected vaporizer manufacturers in the world. They stole the spotlight for portable vaporizers when they released the PAX 2. This is still an incredible device, but the PAX 3 is like a high-quality stock vehicle that has been finely tuned.


Like the earlier model, the PAX 3 is a tasteful, sophisticated and discrete device. Well-built and sturdy, it is great for taking with you on the go without worrying about it falling apart in your pocket of bag.  The most noticeable improvement is the better airflow that you get, producing a thicker vape cloud. The element used to heat concentrates has also been improved which really helps bring out the flavours and terpenes. Additionally, battery power last longer and charging is quicker.


The PAX 3 Vapor App allows you to specifically adjust and save different temperature selections, maximizing each sesh. There are also some cool games that are a nice way to kill some time when you have a chance.


I’ve talked to lots of people and there is a general consensus that this is the best weed vape available. Click here to learn more about the PAX 3.


2. Firefly 2

This is a really great vaporizer and was hard to put at number 2 because it could very easily be number 1. The Firefly 2 has a sleek and sturdy design. You can feel the quality when you hold it in your hand, you know this vaporizer isn’t going to break after 2 or 3 sessions.


The standout feature of the Firefly 2 is the convection heating system. This type of system allows for the packed herb to be evenly heated, leaving little to none wasted. When it comes to concentrates, this heating system delivers a powerful and tasty punch. Smooth and flavourful wax and shatter tokes on this vape.


The app for your phone allows you to control the temperature for your sessions. More control generally means that you will find the ideal temp for your particular herb or concentrate. Another nice feature is the replaceable battery. The Firefly 2 comes with an extra battery and a wall charger, in addition to the console charger that you can just slide the device into. To learn more about the Firefly 2 Vaporizer visit this page.


3. Mighty

The Mighty made by Storz and Bickel was released in 2014 and set the benchmark for portable vaporizers. Storz and Bickel are the designers who came up with the famous Volcano. Though less known, their portable vaporizers are of the same quality that you would expect from this organization.


The Mighty is large as far as portable vapes go. It fits in your hand like a walkie-talkie (5.5 inches by 3.2 inches). But the trade-off for the bulkier look in vape quality is entirely worth it.


The amount of engineering that went into the design of this device is self-evident. The vapor quality is second to none. It is smooth and flavourful, and does not leave you wanting like so many other portable vapes. Herb is heated evenly and efficiently, does not burn and does not need to be stirred around every few hits.


Serious vapers need to get this device. It is the most satisfying portable delivery system for dried herb out there. Seriously. Learn more about it here.


4. Crafty

This is the smaller portable vaporizer released by Storz & Bickel. It has the same incredible engineering in a smaller more elegant body.


Adjusting the temperature can be done easily with the Crafty app. It links directly to your device by Bluetooth and is perfectly responsive.


The vape quality is indistinguishable from the Mighty vape. It is smooth, thick, and flavourful. Neither the vapor nor the device ever heat up too much to be uncomfortable like some other portable vapes out there. The only major difference is the sturdiness of this device. It does not have a very durable feel, so you need to be careful loading and cleaning the Crafty.


5. Boundless CFV

From Boundless Technology, this price conscience vaporizer offers a vapor delivery system with a good amount of power and a powerful taste at an excellent price point. Priced at about half of what many of its competitors retail for, the CFV has incredible value.


The exterior plastic shell has a contoured design which allows for easy handling and heat dissipation.


My favourite aspect of this vaporizer is the closed air path. As air enters at the bottom, it moves through the device through a stainless steel tube to the heating chamber and through to the mouthpiece. This allows for a very smooth and uncontaminated vapor.


6. The Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box is an incredible vaporizer at a very affordable price. In the under $200 range, this is #1 bar none. The Magic Flight Launch Box heats up in under 5 seconds and is very powerful. If you hold the heating element on for too long your herb will however combust.


The design of this vape is very discreet and laid back. It comes in three different woody looking finishes. Another design feature of this vape is that it uses external rechargeable batteries, rather than internal batteries. This means if you are planning on being out in nature for an extended period of time you can just pack a few extra batteries to take with you.


The Magic Flight Launch Box comes with a number of accessories, and can be used for vaping concentrates. Read more about it here.


7. Sidekick

The Sidekick is a portable conduction dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. It is made by 7th Floor Vapes. Some other great models made by 7th Floor including the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha (both reputable desktop vapes).


The Sidekick is a large and heavy device with a glass mouthpiece. This makes it a little less convenient in my opinion than some other models because it is more fragile.


The main highlight of this vaporizer is the cool vapor that it produces. If you cough easily, this device will be perfect for you. It also charges and heats up quickly, and comes with removable/rechargeable batteries.


The main drawback of this vape is that it does not produce thick satisfying clouds that other vapes at its price point do.


8. Vapir Prima

Made by N02, the Vapir Prima vaporizer has a smooth design that fits easily into your hand. It does not compromise quality for size, and you can feel some sturdy weight in the quality of the pieces when you hold it in your hand.


Heat up time is just under a minute and uses a stainless steel heating element for conduction heating. The vapor is satisfying and smooth, although conduction vaporizers usually don’t produce as high a quality of vapor as convection vapes do such as the Firefly 2 and the Mighty or the Crafty.


When it comes to battery power, one charge will last you about five sessions. The sessions themselves last a while too because the bowl is huge, arguable too big. This vaporizer comes with lots of accessories and cleaning utensils which are always nice to have.  Additionally, the Prima comes with a 5 year warranty covering defects and a 2 year warranty on the battery. At its current price point, the Vapir Prima is a high quality vaporizer at a lower price that will meet your expectations; but if you can spend $50-$100 more to get the next level up I would.


9. DaVinci IQ

This is a fantastic product that is very comparable to other high quality portable vapes. It is the newest model from DaVinci, and definitely the one that sets DaVinci out from the crowd.


The DaVinci IQ has an elegant and minimalist design. It is very clandestine, and unless you know you are looking at a vaporizer you will probably think it is a smartphone from the back.


The IQ has a replaceable battery system, so you can always keep a fresh charge on hand. A charged batter will last up to an hour.


One drawback to this vaporizer is the fact that it is herb only, yet priced to compete against some of the top portable vapes that have dual capabilities including the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2. Although this vape uses conduction heating, it produces a more satisfying vapor than most conduction vapes, and is more comparable to the previously mentioned high end convection vapes.


10. G Pen Elite

This is without a doubt the most stylish herb vape on the market. You will impress potheads everywhere when you pull this one out. It has a scratch resistant matte black finish and an ergonomic design.


The fully ceramic heating chamber heats up your herb quickly and evenly leaving little wasted. In terms of battery power, the G Pen Elite is fantastic. It only takes about 20 seconds to heat the device up to a vapable temperature, and according to Grenco (the manufacturer) will last up to 12 to 15 different 15 minute sessions.


The only problem with this vape is that the vapor can be very hot. Obviously we are looking for a vaporizer not just on how it looks but how it performs, and for that reason this vaporizer is number 10. Still a good choice, but when there are betters out there, why bother?

Honourable Mention: The Arizer Air


The Arizer Air is the second portable vape brought to us by Arizer. Arizer also makes my favourite desktop vaporizer the Extreme Q. The earlier version of the Air was the Solo, which was also viewed as an excellent device.


This is an excellent vaporizer in the under $200 category. It easily fits in your pocket, and comes with several different detachable mouthpieces. The heating system is designed for herb, so concentrate lovers should look elsewhere.


The battery life lasts about 60 minutes.


My biggest complaint is that it is hard to produce thick and satisfying clouds with this vape. However it is priced correctly and therefore makes honourable mention on the list.



Whether you are a medical or a recreational user, having a good quality portable vaporizer is essential. The convenience of these devices will easily accentuate your lifestyle. Don’t just buy the cheapest device on the market, and then get frustrated when it doesn’t do what you want it to do. These vaporizers have had extensive research and engineering done to get the perfect result, that is why I suggest going for the higher end products. If it only costs you $50-$100 to drive a Lambourghini instead of a KIA, wouldn’t you do it? It’s worth it. On that note, the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2 are the best and most versatile portable vapes available. The Mighty is also an excellent choice if you stick to dried herb and don’t vape concentrates. Are there any models that I missed that you think should be on this list? Email me or leave a comment.


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