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The Rising Green Tide: Why You Should Be Considering A Career In Cannabis


  1. Be a leader in a new industry
  2. Get involved with a professional community of like-minded individuals
  3. “A rising tide lifts all boats” is a popular proverb among economists and investors. Will you be a part of the rising Green Tide?
  4. Deloitte has predicted the Canadian cannabis market will overnight be worth $22.6 Billion. For perspective, the current Canadian ice cream market is valued at $756 Million
  5. There are already great cannabis industry training programs that employers respect and will help you get a leg up on the competition. Below we go over the two industry leaders.



CTU (Cannabis Training University) offers an incredibly in depth curriculum that covers just about every aspect of the industry. The CTU Master of Marijuana Certification is a wealth of knowledge providing invaluable reading, video, and audio material for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cannabis professionals.

Courses Included In The Certificate Program Are:


Growing Marijuana Indoors & Outdoors

Marijuana Jobs and Careers

Marijuana Cooking & Extraction


Marijuana Jobs and Careers

Dispensary and Delivery Operations

Marijuana Jobs and Careers

Cannabis Laws & Regulations

Marijuana Jobs and Careers

Marijuana As Medicine

 Marijuana Jobs and Careers


Taking this course is the best way to quickly become an authority on this budding industry and will help you with career decisions the rest of your life. We stand by this program so strongly not only because we have taken the course and loved it, but also:


  • 24 Hour Support
  • Over 1.3 Million likes on Facebook
  • CTU certificate holders have already gone on to work in the field than any other Cannabis College
  • Has been featured on cable and public news outlets including ABC, CBS, NPR, NBC, and FOX.
  • Has a regularly updated Job Board that you will gain access to


Before you make your decision, click on the button below to be taken to a short video explaining a little bit more about Cannabis Training University, and read some testimonials here.


Cannabis Career


Marijuana Jobs and Careers


Careers and Jobs Marijuana


THC University is another online cannabis education and career coaching resource. The offer a number of really in depth and interesting courses. Additionally, every graduate gets a free resume consultation and exit interview with a counselor. Not only that, but THC University also offer exclusive live Webinars hosted by industry experts with Q & A sessions for every active student to participate in.


Courses Offered Include:


 Marijuana 101

Trichome Budtender Certification

Grow Basics Certification

Horticulture Specialist Certification

Cannabis Business Certification

Cannabis Products Certification


Make Sure To Take Advantage of


Expert Webinars


Cannabis Jobs Board


Exit Interview


Resume Consultation


Cannabis Growing Career